Evaluating the CLimate and Air Quality
ImPacts of Short-livEd Pollutants
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Project OverviewMilestones    June 19, 2021  English (United Kingdom) Español (España)
This list presents an overview of the project milestones.

 No  Title
WP no
 delivery month
M1 Kick-off meeting 8 1
M2 Download of exiting HTAP model results and harmonizing to a common framework 4 3
M3 Base year emissions and reference scenario available for modelling WPs 1 6
M4 Completion of update of the observational based methods to calculate radiative forcing 4 6
M5 Meeting deciding on strategies to maximize co-benefits and minimize trade-offs btw CC and AQ 7 6
M6 Implementation of emissions from WP 1 as function of compounds, source region, emission sector 2 8
M7 Completion of 2008 and 2009 simulations 2 10
M8 Assessment of first results on black carbon in the Arctic 3 12
M9 Development of improved, more flexible method for GTP calculation 5 12
M10 Extensions of the GAINS model to include metrics for SLCFs (from D5.1) 7 12
M11 First annual meeting 8 13
M12 Completion of emission per-turbation simulations of air quality 2 14
M13 Meeting to discuss current status of results on evaluation of model uncertainties over source region 3 15
M14 Evaluation and update of source and region specific emission reduction potentials completed 1 15
M15 First set of GWPs and GTPs to WP7 based on initial RF from WP4 5 18
M16 1st emission scenarios where packages of measures achieving climate and/or AQ targets are used  7 18
M17 Provision of matrix of climate forsing to WP5 3 21
M18 Meeting to discuss results on model uncertainties in pollutant transport and implication for radiative forc. 3 21
M19 Completion of climate responses emission perturbation experiments 6 21
M20 Completion of country based contribution for Europe to total abundances of climate compound 4 22
M21 Meeting to discuss WP progress 2 24
M22 2nd set of GWPs and GTPs to WP7 including the fast feedback responses based on the climate simulation 5 24
M23 Decision on which novel metrics have sufficient promise to be calulated and transmitted to WP7 5 24
M24 2nd annual meeting 8 25
M25 Inclusion of updated metrics (M5.3) in GAINS, 3rd set of emission scenarios 7 28
M26 Numerical values for novel metrics provided to WP7 5 30
M27 Completion of control measure experiments 6 30
M28 Inclusion of updated metrics (M5.5) in GAINS, 3rd set of emission scenarios 7 34
M29 Final meeting 8 35
M30 Project concluded 8 36

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