Evaluating the CLimate and Air Quality
ImPacts of Short-livEd Pollutants
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Project OverviewWorkpackage Info    June 19, 2021  English (United Kingdom) Español (España)
WP overview

WP 1: Emissions and Mitigation Options
WP leaders: 
Zbigniew Klimont (IIASA) & Karl Espen Yttri (NILU)

WP 2: Modelling Atmospheric Distribution, Deposition and Air Quality
WP leaders: Maria Kanakidou (FORTH) & Michael Schulz (MET.NO)

WP 3: Reality Check

WP leaders: Kathy Law (UPMC) & Sabine Eckhardt (NILU)

WP 4: Climate Forcing

WP leaders: Gunnar Myrhe (CICERO) & Nicolas Bellouin (METOFFICE)

WP 5: Assessment Metrics
WP leaders: Terje Berntsen (CICERO) & Keith Shine (UREAD)

WP 6: Climate Responses

WP leaders: Bill Collins (METOFFICE) & Johannes Quaas (ULEI)

WP 7: Co-benefit of Air Quality and Climate Impact Analysis and Policy Strategies

WP leaders: Jan Fuglestvedt (CICERO) & Markus Amann (IIASA)

WP 8: Project management and Dissemination
WP leaders: Andreas Stohl (NILU) & Sabine Eckhardt (NILU) 

The Description of Work for ECLIPSE is available for download HERE.

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